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Identification of fuse type on 2 inch Mortar.


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Can anyone help in identifying the type of fuse attached to this "Toffee Apple" shell? Is this a time-delay fuse? The photograph was taken on 23rd June 1916 at Thiepval Wood just prior to the commencement of the bombardment leading up to the 1st July attack.



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A bit blurry but it looks as if this is a No.31 time fuze which was an adaption of the No. 80, commonly used in shrapnel shell, for use with the trench mortars. Two-inch (shown in the post) and Newton types. The percussion element of the fuze was removed. There were three Marks of this fuse. The 2-inch threaded fuze aperture would accept both these or the No.107 impact type. - SW

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Thanks, it just cheers me up to see technical diagrams! I can't help but revert to trade and breakdown the method of functioning from first principles. Shame that I know the No31, but still enjoyable.

I must get psycometric tested again :w00t: !!!!!


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