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Dead Wake

James A Pratt III

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I recently finished the new book Dead Wake the Last Crossing of the Lusitania. I liked it but I have some question and errata for it:

Page 61 It mentions a U-boat crew hunting on a Scotish Island and killing a goat. Did this happen? It also mentions U-boat crews looting ships before they sank them.

Page 112 mentions a training U-boat sunk by a mine then salvaged ?

Page 129 has the Lusitania picking up mail from HMS Bristol, Essex and Caronia. The first two ships are no where near this location.

Page 143 mentions a French Dreadnought in mid Atlantic. Not there

Mentions Dorothy Conner a American woman who said "I can't help hoping we will get some sort of trill going up the channel." who later worked at a canteen in France and was awarde the Croix de Guerre by the French . (did she get the medal?

Mentions a Douglas Hertz who was going to Ehgland to join the South Lancashire regiment. He survived the sinking did he join this unit?

on youtube they have a film clip of the Lusitania as she sets sail on her final voyage a number of documentaries, and a movie "The Sinking of the Lusitania" (2007)

for more info online see Lusitainia.net and RMSLusitaia.info

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Douglas G Hertz from 25W 43rd St New York City did join S.Lancs Regiment as a 2nd Lt.

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Seems he survived the war and returned to the same address in America. He applied for his Victory Medal in 1924 from the same address.

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Thanks again john. I am glad to know he survived the war. The book mentions both his wife and mother died in accidents Pre war.

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