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I hope this is not post-war and so off-topic, but this is another photo in one of the albums in which everything else is from 1916 apart from a couple which I think are 1917. As before, the sequence is not consecutive. I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me what it is.


The original photo is very small, rather faded, and a bit creased. Because the aircraft is light-coloured it is difficult to make out some of the details, but assuming it was taken during wartime, it seems rather ahead of its time. The wing strut arrangement seems very odd too. It seems to be a V strutter, but a V as seen from the front/back rather than the side. But it might just be a single strut and I am being misled by flying wires. The most significant oddity is that instead of having cabane struts, it seems to have a faired in area in front of the cockpit, giving what looks like a very restricted forward view, an in-line engine, and a radiator above the engine.

Does anyone know what it is, please?


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It's the Gloster Mars, possibly G-EAXZ

There is a detailed technical report in the Martlesham Heath series at the TNA: AIR 1/1195/204/5/2599 (Part 8)

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Thank you very much - I shall Google it.

That's really out of sequence then!

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