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1st May 1917, FE2b 4968 18Sqn Night Bombing Forth Army, crash, wrecked, MIA, 2Lt E W A Hunt KIA/ 2Lt G B Miller KIA left 9.30pm. ( from TSTB II ) Regards Peter.

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The Casualty card for this officer is in the RAF Museum archive:


Flying FE2b (160hp Beardmore no.726WD7086) serial 4968 on night bombing raid 1/2 May 1917 over 5th Army Area with 2Lt GB Miller as observer.

Left aerodrome 9:30pm on 1st May and did not return

18 Squadron, 22 Wing

Machine was carrying one Lewis gun (#5090), two bomb racks, nav lights, bomb sight, 2 sets Holt flares, Klaxon horn, Verys pistol, 4 double drums, 1 Norman sight (no Aldis sight) and 1 electric hand lamp. No camera or wireless.

Name is given as Edward Wallis Alleyne Hunt in most records

Note Casualty report says 5th Army Area, TSTB has 4th per above

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By the way, there is a photo of the crashed remains of this FE2b 4968 in my book (The Sky Their Battlefield II - see link below).


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When I found it, the original photo (at the top) wasn't very promising, but it was one of those images that was important to try and rescue.

Feel free to use it.

There are almost 300 original air war photos in my book - very many relate to captured and lost British aircraft and airmen, like Edward Hunt and George Miller, out in their FE2b that night.




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