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Help with understanding text on "Military History" section of


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Hi all,

Can anyone read or understand more than I have been able to as regards what appears on this man’s “Military History” section of his “Descriptive Report on Enlistment” sheet, against the word “Wounded”?

First line – there appears to be a date 10/7/16, then I see G.S.W., which I believe to be “Gunshot wound”. This is followed by “Flesh Wds” (Flesh wounds?), and then “SLB” and what looks like “2 7/10”

Second line – something followed by 1.9.16, then a short word or a single letter, and then the words “Shell Shock” (or is it?) – then another date, 23/8/16.

Last line – something, then 2456 19.9.16 Gunshot wound right knee, then something elase before the word “hand”(?) then, finally, a date, 10.9.16.

I’d be grateful for any help!



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The HA 526 refers to a Report reference. 10.7.16 is the date of the report, then "Gunshot Wound, Flesh wounds, slight", 2.7.16 being the date of the wounding.

Then reported 1.9.16. Wounded shell-shock, wounded on 23.8.16

Then reported 19.9.16 Gunshot Wound right knees and left hand, wounded on 10.9.16

Whilst I have said the date of wounds is on the right hand side, in my experience wounding dates on Military History sheets sometimes refer to the date when they arrived at the main hospitals at the coast, usually a couple of days after wounding. It may be a case of determining when he was most likely to have been wounded by referring to war diaries, etc.


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