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my great-uncle Alois Schoellhorn (born in 1891) was killed in action in the morning of April 2, 1917 in the outposts of Noreuil, France. He was a soldier of the

4. Kompanie, 1. Battalion

of the German (Wuerttemberg),

Reserve-Infantrie-Regiment 119,

26. Reserve Division.

The 4th Australian Division, the 13th Infantry Brigade, the 50th, 49th 51st and 52nd Australian Infantry Battalions attacked the outposts.

The Australian troops attacked German outposts around the village Noreuil the early morning of April 2, 1917. The outpost and the village were then conquers the Australian troops. My great-uncle was killed at this outpost battles. His body could not be salvaged. His body was left behind by his German comrades. It was probably then probably buried by the Australians in this area. The area was at that time very fought (Hindenburg Line, Bullecourt). So today there is no more grave by him. I think he is still buried somewhere in the ground near the village of Noreuil.

My question: Are there still in Australia maps or sketches in war diaries in which the details of the attack on Noreuil at April 2 1917 are drawn on? I'm interested in particularly the exact location of these outposts around the village where my great-uncle died

The note and link to the Australian War diaries I have already (Thanks Hando!)


The written therein position information and coordinate unfortunately I do not understand.

I collect the information what exactly happened on that April 2, 1917 in Noreuil . Maybe I visit the place in 2017. The whole area is very interesting for me as well as my
My grandfather Franz Knoll (born 1895) there was fighting (Grenadier Regiment 123, 27th Infantry Division). He fought this at both battles of Bullecourt in April / May 1917. He was wounded in close combat on May 3, 1917 in Bullecourt by a hand grenade. But I explore later

We are glad that we can live peacefully as an Australian and German today.
Thank you and many greetings from Germany

Franz Schoellhorn


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Franz, having just downloaded and read the brigade unit war diary, the enemy outposts (from the Australian point of view) are documented as are the areas that the enemy fired on Australian patrols.

I can help relate the map references to positions on Google Earth that you can visit. Just give me a few days. An example is on page 17, when an enemy outpost is recorded at C.11.d.2.4. Look at the map on page 13 and find 51st BN. Find the T junction underneath the word 'N' and you are in the rough area of one of these. Another strong point is located at C.9.b.0.5. All of these directly translate to modern co-ordinates in Google Earth.

We did this in 2012 when we retraced my grandfather's footsteps.



Canberra, Australia

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Alois Schöllhorn

Born 7.Februar 1891 in Pfänders, 88319 Aitrach (Wurttemberg, Germany)

killed in Action in the morning of the 2. April 1917 in the outpost around the village Noreuil in France

4. Kompanie,

1. Battalion ,

Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 119,

26. Reserve Division.


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4. Kompagnie den 4.4.17

Res.-Inf.-Rgt. 119

Werter Herr Schoellhorn !

Leider müssen wir Ihnen die traurige Mitteilung

machen, dass Ihr l. Sohn, unser guter Kamerad der

Landstm. Alois Schoellhorn

am 2.4.17 früh bei einem Vorpostengefecht in treuester Pflichterfüllung

den Heldentod fürs Vaterland erlitten hat.

Durch das Vordringen des Gegners, der mit 10-facher Über-

macht angriff, war es leider nicht mehr möglich, dem lieben Toten die

Wertgegenstände abzunehmen.

Die Komp. betrauert in ihm einen ihrer besten Kameraden

und wird ihm stets ein treues dauerndes Andenken bewahren.

Malblanc Leutn. u. Komp. Führer

4th Company

Reserve Infantry Regiment 119

the 4.April 17

Dear Mr. Schoellhorn!

We are sorry to give you the sad news

make sure your beloved Son, our good comrade, the

Soldier Alois Schoellhorn

2.4.17 at early morning, at an outpost fight with faithful performance of duty

has suffered a hero's death for the fatherland.

By the advance of the enemy, the 10-fold excess

does attack, it was no longer possible, the dear departed the

Remove valuables.

The company mourned him as one of their best comrades

and will always keep him a faithful lasting keepsake.


Lieutenant and company commander


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