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4th Worcestershire 100 years on...


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Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Edward Cayley, commanding 4th Bn Worcestershire Regiment, pictured here as a major with the 2nd Battalion at Jhansi, India in 1911.


"With the first light of dawn the battle began. From all sides came the flash and thunder
of the great guns of the warships. The troops, crowded on the decks of their transports, saw dark
against the rising light, the low irregular line of the land shrouded by the smoke of the bursting
shells. As the " Aragon " moved onwards, the outline of the cliffs became clearer. It became
possible to distinguish the beaches, where already the leading troops were fighting their way ashore.
The smooth sea was dotted in every direction with ships—battleships in action and transports
crowded with troops. Destroyers were moving swiftly among.them and, close inshore, steam
launches were towing strings of lighters, taking fresh troops into the fight and bringing back wounded.
Boatloads of wounded men were already nearing the " Aragon " when, at 8.30 a.m., a minesweeper
came alongside to take off the troops she carried. Into the minesweeper were crowded
" W " Company of the 4th Worcestershire, commanded by Major H. A. Carr, together with two
companies of the 2nd Hampshire and the Brigadier © with his staff. The laden minesweeper
moved off and steamed slowly shorewards. Some two miles from the land the little vessel stopped
and waited. The crowded troops watched for some time the spectacle of the flagship " Queen
Elizabeth" firing her great 15-inch guns at the Turkish defences of " V" Beach."

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I have this week been asked by a friend too research a plaque he has had for many years after digging it up on a building site, it was awarded to the family of:

Pte Arthur George Dickins


4th Worcestershire Regiment

he was killed in action later in the war at Cambrai on the 30/11/1917

He was from Bridgnorth Rd, Wollaston Stourbridge.

Whether he served at Gallipoli I have yet to find out.

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Looks unlikely ....

Received BWM and VM plus Territorial Force medal - no 14-15

No 'entry to theatre' date on MIC

NoK father George H; war gratuity £ 7 11 10 - soldier's effects

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Hello all

I have been asked by a friend if we can find anything about a relative of his Henry John Beard 4th Btt, Worcesters 241267 and 3915 died 23/4/17 I presume at the second battle of the scarpe. I have info from CWGC and also have seen his Card which says little as well as his list of effects. we hope to visit the Arras memorial later this year. would be interested to visit a part of the battlefield where he was lost.

best wishes and thanks to all


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Originally 2/8th Bn

If you would like the relevant chapter of the Regimental history send me a Private message...

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