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Remembered Today:

Pte. Samuel McCormick pte. 5030 14th Hussars of The Line


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First posts...be gentle ;-)

I am researching Great Uncle Samuel McCormick. b.01 NOV 1881 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

From what I can gather from his Soldiers book/pension record he was a regular soldier who joined the Hussars
on 16th October 1902.

I have some pieces that were handed down to me one of which is a very intriguing letter...with instructions...and a passport.

It takes us on a journey from Bucharest to London via France in 1916. All very James Bond...or perhaps Cycle Corps.

I also have notes of his attachment as "servant" to Cmdr. CB Thompson, liaison at "French GHQ".

Sam survived both wars as did my grandfather Pte. Patrick Joseph Wilson. He served with the 1st South Lancs and is listed as "absent fort Lahore" in the 1911 census records.

The link is they both married sisters, Samuel to Sarah McFarlane and Patrick to my great grandmother Elizabeth McFarlane.

In my head I have a story of two lads from Liverpool who both did the whole Kipling schoolboy thing....

I have hit brick walls now and would welcome any encouragement, help, grief, ridicule if not only to break the monotony of dead ends.

Another thing puzzles me...

both men, regulars, served long stints, two wars...and neither higher ranked than when they started. A right pair of Privates!!

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, asks too much or is ignorant of any forum rules...thank you all for your time and effort in keeping our past as relevant as our presnt and our future all the better for knowledge.

x peace x


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welcome to the forum

quite common to be a private all the way through ones career

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Welcome !

Samuel has a pension record on Ancestry UK. His Medal Index Cards,there are two,cover the same service number, 5030, but two units of the Hussars. The 1914 Star was earned with 20 Hussars and this card also says he was discharged on 30 Oct 1915. A second card shows 14 Hussars and earned British War and Victory Medals.

There are two Medal Index Cards for a Patrick Wilson and 1 Battalion of the South Lancashire Regt. One is for a Patrick only,numbers 8151,then 70606 and finally a post-war number of 3645933,which might lead to the possibility that the Army Records in Glasgow may still have his records. The second soldier is Partrick T Wilson (could have misread a J ?) service number 8907. Both these guys have a later India General Service Medal for Afghanistan and the North West Frontier Force 1919.

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thanks you guys for the replies.

I know they were both "Career" soldiers and I do have some more bits and pieces....would it be helpful to share these ?

the letter and passport (with stamps) and the fact tha Sam was attached (as a servant no less) to French GHQ has always intrigued me. Is there a way of founding out any more info on this at all?

I appreciate all your help


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Hi Frank,

It looks like there is a Militia Attestation* on Findmypast for a Samuel McCormick (under number 6492) which shows that he was with 4/Liverpool Regiment for a short period of time (07.08.02 to 29.09.02) before joining the 14th Hussars on 16.10.02 http://search.findmypast.co.uk/record?id=gbm%2fwo96%2f0188%2f387%2f001&parentid=gbm%2fwo96%2f188%2f1156258&highlights=%22%22

* Attested: 07.08.02. Age: 20 years, 9 months. Born: Everton, Liverpool. Resident: 66, Becket St., Trade: Cycle Maker. NoK: Elder brother, John - 41, Kelso Rd, Liverpool.



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I have just rooted out the Order Letter that was with Sam's Passport...in the light of my recent soiree into the records it comes up with some VERY interesting stops that go to form what may well be part of a very historically important journey...who knows...

It is signed by C.B. Thomson and dated 26-09-15.

During the First World War Thomson first served at the British Expeditionary Force Headquarters and was Chief Military Interpreter between Sir John French and General Joffre. In 1915 he was sent to Bucharest as military attaché on Kitchener '​s initiative to bring Romania into the war. But when there he quickly formed the view that an unprepared and ill-armed Romania facing a war on three fronts against Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria would be a liability rather than an asset to the allies. This view was brushed aside by Whitehall, and he signed a Military Convention with Romania on 13 August 1916. By the end of 1916 he had to alleviate the consequences of Romania's capitulation, and he supervised the destruction of the Romanian oil wells to deny them to Germany.

Was Sam the messenger ?

Heres his route (with stops along the way)

BUCHAREST to ****** *****

By boat to Prahoro - "take ????? to latter"

Prahoro to Zayechar (change here)

Zayechar to Paracin (change here)
Paracin to Nish

Nish to UKSUB or Skoplye (here deliver parcel and letter to Lady Paget)

UKSUB (crossed out in pencil) or Skoplye to Salonika - (here go & see the Consul General & give him my letter)
then go by ship to Marseilles - (where you will visit the British Consul General who will arrange for you to go to Boulogne by Paris at Paris post letters in France)
at Boulogne give ??? letters to ??????? Staff Offices

On arrival in London post all letters in your charge to ??????

then ?????? ???? ????

to the O.C. Depot


CB Thomson Lieut. Col.
Mil Attache Bucharest

British Legation 26/09/15

Quite a journey? taking in some of the main places and players for this period.

Sam McCormick....Carter, Cycle Maker and International Postman

If anybody could put any more meat on the bone or indeed just tell me Sam was delivering Birthday Cards...I'd be, as ever, eternally grateful.




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