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Private Edgar Norman Lockwood Royal Welch Fusiliers


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I am researching my husbands family and am looking for the service records for Edgar Norman Lockwood .
A few brief details - Edgar was born 1888 in Salford Lancs, the son of Joseph and Sarah Jane Grimshaw. He married in 1915 to Priscilla Clarkson.

I have found the medal records for Edgar which gives his reg. no as 49864 and previous reg. nos as
61631 6th Garrison Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers

49864 Welch Regiment Base, 5th Welch Regimnet 4/5 Welch Regiment.

I have not been able to find his service records using Ancestry - can anyone make any suggestions as where I should look next or who I can contact to find out more information.

I know he played cornet in one of the regimental bands and from conversations my husband believes that he served in Egypt and the middle east.

If any one could help it would be much appreciated

Derby 15

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In many cases the service records do not survive having been destroyed by fire or water damage. His MIC shows he did not serve abroad prior to the end of 1915 and he was entitled to a pair of medals, the BWM & VM.

As he was 5th and 4/5th Welsh regiment, they were known to have served in Egypt;

1/4th Battalion

August 1914 : in Carmarthen. Part of South Wales Brigade, which was unallocated to a Division.

Moved to Tunbridge Wells in November 1914 and in February 1915 to the Forth and Tay defences in Scotland.

17 April 1915 : came under orders of 159th Brigade in 53rd (Welsh) Division. Moved to Bedford.

Sailed from Devonport 19 July 1915. Landed at Suvla Bay 9 August 1915.

8 October 1915 : amalgamated with 1/5th Bn, forming 4th Welsh Composite Bn. Resumed original identity 10 February 1916/11 December 1915 : evacuated from Gallipoli and moved to Egypt.

On 3 July 1917, the two Bns formed the 4/5th Bn.

1/5th Battalion

August 1914 : in Pontypridd. Record same as 1/4th Bn.

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Through WW1 and up to 1920 Royal Welsh,from 1920 Royal Welch.

War Diaries on the National Archives Discovery database are not yet digital for the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force,these are the relevant ones for the units mentioned here:

6 Garrison Battalion RWF - WO95/4444 Feb 1917 to Mar 1918.

1/5 Battalion Welsh Regt - WO95/4629 - Feb 1916 to Mar 1917.

4/5 Battalion Welsh Regt - WO95/4629 - Aug 1918 to Jun 1919.

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Thank you for all the info, it is much appreciated. We know that Edgar was in barrow in Furness in 1915, taking time off to get married, so he didn't travel to Sulva Bay. He did go to Egypt though.

My husband is busy resizing a photo of the battalion band dated Feb 1918 showing Edgar so that I can post it later. He did play the cornet but he is shown playing a tuba!

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The 6th Garrison Battalion was raised in 1916 and went to Egypt in 1917.


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