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Researching a self inflicted wounds casualty


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Hello forum

I am researching Driver F Smith (T2/017445 and STA/669), ASC attached to 1/1 South Midland Field Ambulance RAMC (48th Division) who died on 13th December 1916 and is buried in Contalmaison. He died from self inflicted wounds.

I have been through the war diaries of the field ambulance, the DAC, headquarters, quartermaster, ASC column, medical officer and the only SIW I can find mention of is on 11th December in the Quartermaster's diary.

it says "casualties omitted in Bde section, Nov 22nd O.R. R.A.M.C. attached to 7th Royal Warwicks Regt 1 wounded S.I.W Nob 22nd"

Is this my man?

Is there any other record set or archive I should be looking in to find more about the SIW casualty? I have read that SIW casualties were not shipped off to blighty where possible, but kept close to where they occured (to remove any assumption that a SIW would bring on a blighty). Could this be the case? SIW inflicted on 22nd, treated in the casualty clearing station in Contalmaison until his death on the 13th?

I'm also wondering what SIW would cause death?

Any assistance here guiding me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, as always



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May seem a silly questions, but were death certificates produced for soldiers? I hadnt realized or thought of this!

Also, is it reasonable to assume that someone from ASC attached to a field ambulance as a driver was then attached to an infantry Btn in that capacity?

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