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Am trying to find out anything about the following (only his Medal Card survives):

Pioneer, Royal Engineers 128622

Private, Tank Corps 75435

Awarded British War and Victory medals

When did he enlist?

When did he switch from the RE to the Tank Corps?

I have looked at other GWF posts on the regimental numbers but am not getting anywhere, unfortunately. Can anyone advise, please?


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Good Afternoon Marigold,

I do hope you are keeping well and how goes it at Loughborough?

I've found him on the 1918 Absent Voters List as serving with the 4th Battalion Tank Corps, fingers crossed that one of the Tank Experts can give you more.



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you may get a snippet of info on the medal rolls themselves

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The medal rolls provide no dates but...

Those joining the Tank Corps, who were allocated numbers starting with 75, did so in early 1917

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  • Admin

He may have been from Leicestershire and joined 5/11/1915 10th Bn Leicestershire Regt. then posted to RE for overseas service 14/15 March 1916 after basic training

see Service Record Harry Percy Ball indexed on Ancestry as 21130 Warwickshire Regt; 128621 RE

and 128625 Dilkes

Transfer to Tank Corps was (probably) in France 12 - 16 December 1916

e.g. Walter Wall 75420/Thomas Rogers 75495


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Hi, I don't know if I'm missing something but I couldn't see the man's name on your message - however I looked up the medal card and found it was Frank Farmer. The medal roll doesn't give any more specific information, but the sequence of numbers is very interesting because it suggests he was in quite a large draft that transferred from the RE, presumably at the same time.

In fact the man behind him in the queue was Pte Sydney George Twigg (no. 75436) who was killed in the D Battalion attack on August 27, 1917, and just behind him was Pte Trevor Cadogan Williams (no. 75437) who was captured on Apr 15, 1917

The RE draft runs from 75430 to 75468, but a quick search on Findmypast suggests there isn't a single service record for anyone in the group (I've only searched the Tank Corps numbers, not the RE ones).

This is disappointing, but as the post above says, 75420 Cpl Walter Wall has the closest surviving record and he transferred from the Sherwood Foresters to what became the Tank Corps on Dec 16, 1916, so that may help to establish the earliest possible transfer date.


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