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Remembered Today:

First Marne Visit


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In May of 2014 my wife and I and our battlefield touring friends Morgan and Patti spent two weeks on the Western Front. The first part of the trip was visiting some of the sites of the First Battle of the Marne from Monthyon and Saint Soupplets in the west to Lenharrée in the east. Our traveling companions are serious travelers and spent time documenting the places where we stayed and the sites we visited. I thought fellow travelers on the Great War Forum may find what they have written interesting and useful. You can read about the battlefield visits at http://www.magoguide.net/the-first-battle-of-the-marne/ and you can read about our food and lodging adventures in their "quartermaster" report at http://www.magoguide.net/restaurant-reviews-the-first-battle-of-the-marne

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