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16th Bttn Royal Scots or the 34 Division


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Can any tell me were the 16th Bttn Royal Scots were on the day of 8th June 1917 or days leading up to the 8th June and what trenches they held ?I think they were around the area of Gavrelle / Roeux somewhere ?

Hope you can help

Many Thanks Jan

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The Regimental history of the Royal Scots 1914-1919, has the 16th Battalion (in the 34th Division) in the Arras area in June 1917, until the middle of the month, but goes into no more detail than that. So Derek's above link to the war diary is your best bet.


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WO 95/2458/1

Trenches taken over was 1000 yards south of Gavrelle the 103 brigade was on our left and 11th suffolk on our right

​if anyone can narrow this area down or what trenches this would be I would be very grateful

Many Thanks

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