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Guns of the 68th Brigade RFA.


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Hi Guys

Is there an expert out there who can tell me what guns and of what calibre, were used by the A/68th Brigade RFA, when they were in Salonica in 1915-1916. ? I am guessing that it was a howitzer brigade but I could be wrong. What size were the guns?

I am researching Pte Garenth Butler Brockwell, 34018, of A/68th Brigade RFA , he was originally from Scalby in Yorkshire and who had connections to Hallaton, Leics.

Any information would be much appreciated.

thanks, Hussey

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Thanks johnboy for that link, which I had already spotted. What I am really after is what actual guns A/68th would have been using and also the calibre of them. Any ideas?

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Hello Hussey

A Battery 68 Brigade RFA was equipped with 18-pounder guns, the standard weapon of the RFA. The calibre was 3.3 inches. There were originally four guns in the battery, but this was increased to six at the end of 1916.


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Without looking for the formation date of the bde, until mid-1916 bdes were supposed to be either all 18-pr or all 4.5in How (18 of each). However, in 1915 (if not late 1914) there were insufficient of these to equip the newly formed units because production was still ramping up and many btys had only 4 guns. The shortage meant older guns were issued (15-pr and 5 in How). In mid 1916 bdes in France changed to 3 x 18-pr & 1 x 4,5 btys (all with 6 guns), although even at the end of the war some bdes in the BEF had not reached that state. Obviously, this did not entirely apply in other theatres.

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Hi guys

Thanks for that info which is exactly what I needed. Many thanks for your expertise which is much appreciated.

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