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Remembered Today:

Holts Battlefield Tours


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Thanks for posting this Chris.

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Thanks for posting this, it was always the height of my year going on a Holts tour.

Yes I do take the car across but touring means I can relax and learn

Assuming that Ledger don't tamper with the 2015 programme to much I shall be okay but 2016 might be a different matter.

I shall await my letter and see what develops.


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Letter arrived today and I am afraid to say that Leger would appeared to have missed a trick.

Apart from a notification that my tour will start from Green Line Coach Station instead of Victoria, there was very little information and a form to return within 7 day to confirm that I agree with their terms and conditions.

It would have been so easy to state that nothing had changed and the itinerary was as per the Holts catalogue.

I rung Leger and received a verbal confirmation that nothing about the tour had changed, so my mind has been put a rest for the time being.


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