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Remembered Today:

Pte Crispe Royal Warwickshire


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A nasty little tale - Birmingham Daily Post 14 09 17 - which Warwicks were alongside the Gordons at Loos?

HOME FROM LOOS VIA GERMANY. BEWDLEY SOLDIER’S TEMPTATION TO KILL BRUTAL GUARD. To Standard’* rapreseot&tlro who yesterday No. 1 General Hospital, where found a number of men just home from war prisoners’ camp in Germany, Private Crispe, the Royal Warwicks*, aaid: “I’ve three •bairns wait ng at Bewdley the old girl. It*s been a long way home again from Loos. Eight of us lost touch that afteraoon, and with some Gordons wandered about until ihe Germans came up. and tie nest tiling 1 was at LiUe Hospital. Then wo, a mixed lot of us, went to Gustrow. If there’s anything in Germany worse than tiat, God help our lade. times we were nearly mad wah cold and starvation. There was one particular brute, a Saxon, oaHed Schweitzer, over our huts. I remember looking through hole the hut one night and feefling I must kill him, save our chaipe. My Godl I was spared from doing it, as the leering devil was moved after American doctor’s visit. But I saw there, among all the filth and brutality, actions our who robbed themselves for pals —that I never forgot.”


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LLT shows:

2nd Gordon, 6th Gordon, 8th Gordon and 2nd Royal Warwicks with the 7th Division. It might be them.

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