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Remembered Today:

401 photos out of 457 officers died (polo players). Thanks


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Thanks to forum members now reached my target of over 400 photos of fallen polo players.

The 457 comes from obits in the Polo Monthlies.

Just trying to freeze content to publish.

Seperate thread shows 56 I am short incase any really late entries.

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  1. down to 54

Hawksley and Muir now found

  1. ARDEN, Lieutenant Colonel, John Henry Morris, D .S .O. Royal Air Force, No. 3 Cadet Wing and Reserve of Officers, 2nd Bn., Worcestershire Regiment.. 22nd July 1918. MALVERN COLLEGE

  2. BARNE, Captain, S. M.C. . 20th Hussars (attached Royal Flying Corps). 23rd April 1917..SEYMOUR

BATTY-SMITH, Lieutenant, Francis Clive. 13th Bn., Royal Fusiliers. 4th June 1916.

BELL, Major, A. D . 4th Hussars. 8th April 1918.

BODDINGTON, Lieutenant, Oswald William. 5th Bn., North Staffordshire Regiment. 13th October 1915..

BOWLBY, Lieutenant, Lionel Henry Salvin. 2nd Dragoon Guards (Royal Scot Greys). 4th June 1916.

BROADBENT, Major, Edgar Richard, M.C.. 8th Hussars. 31st October 1918..

BUTLER, Second Lieutenant, J . H . R ., 2nd Bn., Coldstream Guards. 16th September 1916.

CARDEN lt col ronald james walter

CHAPMAN, Second Lieutenant, A . F., 2nd Bn., Scots Guards. 25th September 1916. Shakespeare Edward VIII School

CHURCHILL, Captain, C. H. M. 20th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry (Brownlow's Punjabis. 17th February 1917

CONYNGHAM, Lieutenant, Victor George Henry Francis.

DUBS, Captain, C.E.D. 17th Lancers. 6th November 1918.

DURHAM, Lieutenant, Edward. 2nd Bn. Rifle Brigade. 26th November 1914. cheltenham college

EGERTON, Captain, Edward Brassey. D Sqdn., 17th Lancers. 1st September 1916.

EGERTON, Lieutenant-Colonel, George Algernon. 19th Hussars. 13th May 1915.

EGERTON, Major, James Boswell. 23rd Indian Cavalry. 27th October 1918. edinburgh?

FERGUSSON-POLLOK, Major, Robert Cuthbert. 32nd Lancers. Indian Cavalry. 11th April 1917.

GOVan, douglas moncrieff, major gurkhas SPHERE

GRANTHAM, Lieutenant, Charles Alpe. 33rd Cavalry. 3rd March 1915.************************************************

GREER, Lieutenant, Francis St. Leger, M.C.. 2nd Bn., Irish Guards. 1st February 1917.

GRIFFITH, Lieutenant Colonel, William Walter Gilbert. 32nd Lancers. 22nd April 1917.*****************************

HOBART, Lieutenant, Douglas. 24th Punjabis attached 53rd Sikhs, Indian Army. Died of wounds, 20th April 1916.

hudson john william willoughby 1/5 warwicks

HUDSON, Lieutenant, Jocelyn Hope. 49th Bde., Royal Field Artillery. 12th January 1916.

HUGHES, Lieutenant-Colonel, E. M. 14th Murrays Jat Lancers, Indian Army. 11th September 1916.

jenkins, edward kyneersley wellington college year book

JENNINGS, Captain, Francis Montgomery. 8th Hussars. 11th November 1918.

KETTLE, Lieutenant, Rupert Arthur. 3rd Hussars *********************************************************888

KEVILL-DAVIES, Lieutenant, William Albert Somerset. 9th Lancers.15th May 1915.

.LANG, Major, Henry Astell. 6th June 1915

LEWIS, Lieutenant-Colonel, Harold. 37th Lancers, Indian Army commanding 20th Bn., Manchester Regiment .1st July 1916.

LIVINGSTONE-LEARMONTH, Captain, Nigel James Christian. 21st August 1915.

LUSH-WILSON, Major, Herbert Geoffrey. Y Bty., Royal Horse Artillery. 21st July 1916.

magniac, lt col, erskine 27th punjabis Sphere/ illustrated london news brother

MARSHALL, Lieutenant, Frederick Guy. 2nd Bn., Grenadier Guards. 22nd March 1915.********************************

MACMULLEN, Lieutenant Colonel, Frederick Charles Kendall. 19th June 1916.

MAWDSLEY, Lieutenant, Barton James Platt. 17th Indian Cavalry. 6th February 1916 **********************************************8

MCNEILE, Lieutenant Colonel, Henry Donald. 1st Royal Dragoons. 20th December 1915.

murray, g r. lancers indian cavalry

PENNINGTON, Major, William Herbert. 12th Cavalry, Indian Army attached 16th Cavalry. 9th September 1915.

PICKERING, Lieutenant Colonel, Francis Alexander Umfreville. D.S.O. 2nd Dragoon commanding 9th Bn., Rifle Brigade. 23rd December 1917.

PROTHERO, Lieutenant, Rowland John. 7th Hussars . 8th November 1918.

PURVES, Captain and Adjutant G. G. De B. 2nd Bn., attached 5th Bn., Royal Scots Fusiliers. 8th November 1915

SAMUDA, Major, Cecil Markham Annesley. 2nd July 1917. Somerset Light Infantry.

SCOTT, Captain, Herbert Vesey. 3rd Rifle Brigade. 1st September 1915.

SILVERTOP, Captain, W.A. , M.C. 20th Hussars. 27th November 1917.

SYKES, Captain, Oliver John 23rd Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery

TOWNSEND, Lieutenant, G . J. 66th Punjabis. 26th November 1915 ***************************************************************

VEITCH, Captain, Dawyck Moberly, Duke of York Lancers Lancers, attd. 70th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. 8th July 1916.

WADDELL-DUDLEY, Lieutenant, Robert Roland. 3rd Bn . Royal Fusiliers. 15th April 1915.

WARNER, Lieutenant, Cornwallis John 3rd Bn., Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry attd 2nd Bn. *****************************************

WATSON, Lieutenant, Charles Reginald. 28th Punjabis. 6th April 1916.

WILLOUGHBY, Captain, The Hon. Francis George G. 9th Bn., Rifle Brigade. 9th August 1915

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Thanks to forum members now reached my target of over 400 photos of fallen polo players.

The 457 comes from obits in the Polo Monthlies.

Just trying to freeze content to publish.

Seperate thread shows 56 I am short incase any really late entries.

Are you only interested in the 457, or are you interested in additional names who were noted Polo players but not mentioned in the Polo Monthlies?


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Info would be gratefully received, there are names of the wounded in the polo monthlies and photos of the polo players prior to the war. I went off the obits as the main source, anything gratefully received


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There's a photograph of Oswald William Boddington in the History of 5th North Staffords. Would you like a scanned copy or is it too late?


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