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Can any member help with the following.

GV. L.S.G.C. TO 370329 MUSN. F. RICHARDS. W. GDS. Calvary .

GV. L.S. G. C. TO 6191525 MUSN. S. E. PEARCE. W. GDS. MIDDX .

If they took part in the 1st. World War, Would they have had another number or any other help would be great. ?.

Thank you. Lyn.

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Pearce's number is post 1920 Middlesex Regiment. If he then served WG, he would take his number with him. If he served Great War it would be under another number, 4,5, or at most 6 digits I believe.

as late as 1931 "Musicians" were only Royal Artillery.I believe .............. grey area.

I am puzzled by Richards's number: is there a digit missing please?

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GRUMPY. Thank you for your help. The only thing that I can add is that Richards L.S.G.C. has a REGULAR ARMY bar on his medal. The number 370329 is the number that I have written down. Lyn.

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The History of the Welsh Guards (Dudley Ward) has a Roll of Service.

It does not have an S E Pearce (or variants).

The only F Richards it has is 3393 F Richards (Marazon)

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