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Vernon Woodward, 1st Battalion Lancashire Fuseliers

Guest andrea17385

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Guest andrea17385


Looking for more information on Private Vernon Woodward.

I know he died of exposure and perhaps at Suvla, and that he is commemorated on the Helles Memorial. So far, haven't been able to find any relevant war diaries, although I know many have been destroyed.

I also understand he started out in the Hussars - 30132 but don't have any details on which regiment or why he transferred.

Would be lovely to find out if any war records survived and if it's true he was at Suvla.

Details -

Vernon Woodward

1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers

Private 23007, Died 28/11/15

Thanks in advance


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The 1st Lancs Battalion War Diary is National Archives Catalogue Reference:WO/95/4310 Image Reference:378 and their Brigade War Diary is Catalogue Reference:WO/95/4310 Image Reference:377

The following is a précis as it appears in Ray Westlake's book 'British Regiments at Gallipoli' (ISBN 0 85052 511 X)


In support and front line. In line near Dublin Castle during great storm (26th). War Diary records water entering trenches like a 'tidal wave'. Equipment swept away and several men drowned. Average depth of water noted as 4 feet (27th). Also noted the work of Sergeant C A Batham, who in command of stretcher bearers made numerous journeys waist deep in water to help sick and wounded. He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Casualties – 20 drowned, possibly no less than 19 frozen to death, 11 officers, 525 other ranks to hospital suffering from exposure. To reserve (28th).”



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The Medal Roll for the 1914-1915 Star reports that he D. Of D., presumably Died of Disease.

Can find no other details on Ancestry of his service with the Hussars.


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