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Golding's Nursing Home Cork


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Can anyone give any information on Golding's Nursing Home Cork, Cork

The only reference I can find is to Lusitania survivors

Why would serving soldiers have been sent there rather than, say, Cork Military Hospital. STDs perhaps?

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Lusitania material seems to crop up as the main link for this home.

It is in a 1913 directory at 18 St Patrick's Place, Cork, Tel no 100 run by Mrs and The Misses Golding




Captain James Golding Harding, R.F.A., killed in action on October 30, at the age of twenty-one, was the second son of the late Mr. CharleS Furlong Harding, manager of the National Bank at Ennistymon, co. Clare, and of Mrs. Eleanor Harding, of Bank Place, Ennistymon. He was a grandson of the late Mr. George Harding, of Charleville, co. Cork, and a nephew ,if Mrs. Golding, of St. Patrick's Place, Cork, whose son, Captain S. J. Golding, R.A.M.C., recently laid down his life in France.


Dr Thomas James Golding was the son of Dr James Punch Golding and Catherine Emma Hardinge.

Nothing found about the workings of the home so far I'm afraid.

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Thanks for that.

It must have been a small nursing home, and I was curious why a man I am researching would have been admitted to Goldings rather than, say, Cork Military Hospital. I have only come across one example, and makes me assume that it was for something "different" that he was sent there !

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