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Remembered Today:

Charles Matthew Langdale (KOSB) 31969

The Guardsman

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Hi everyone.

I am researching my wifes great uncle. He was 21 when he died and was born in Willesden London.

I have his date of death as 20th October 1918 and is buried at Caudry British Cemetry.

His service number is 31969 and he served with the kings Own Scottish Boarderers.

I also have a army number 5616 where he was with the Middx regiment, which makes more sense for a London lad! I guess he was just moved to fill in casualtys places with KOSB.

I do not seem able to retreive any records at all.

I have been on the Long Long trail and have him in the 2nd battalion KOSB.

Can anyone shed anymore light on him please, for example!

1. When did he join up?

2. Why did he move from Middx to KOSB?

3. Was he wounded at any time of his service?

Thanks and Merry Christmas

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Thanks for all the info.

Am I not allowed to post and ask for assistance more than once Graeme? If so many apologies!

Thanks again


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Not sure what you mean, Chris.

I merely noted that, after posting the question, you returned to the Forum twice without apparently returning to this thread. Was not sure if you'd seen the replies or not,



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Thanks Graeme.

I thought you was implying not to post two questions. My error.

Thanks for all your help, my wife will be delighted with the details you have provided.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you

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