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RGA gunner Walter Saxton help needed please


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Good evening Gentlemen

I have bought a medal trio, bearing the name of Walter Saxton, a gunner in RGA with the

regimental number 58498.

I also have the lids of the boxes, and the envelope that the medals arrived in originally.

In addition I also have the three of four medals, and the presentation box and paper, that his son won in world war two.

A good friend of mine found his medal index card, and it seems he was also awarded the silver war badge.

I don't have that one, unfortunately, but it would be great fun, if anyone in here's got it.

My friend also found, that he came from Rotherham, West Riding of Yorkshire.

The medal index card reveals that Walter Saxton entered service in France on the 6.th. of november 1915 and was dismissed on the 14.th. of december 1918.

Can anyone on this forum dig up more info on Walter Saxton and his service history, I would be very thankful.

Kind regards


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Well, I don't have his SWB, but it will have the number B118750 stamped into the back of it when you find it.



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His service records are on Ancestry, married 1910 living with his wife Mary Ann in Rotherham 1911 census.

Regards Barry

Plenty of family history on Ancestry, simple task to fill in his family tree.

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His service papers have survived and are available on Ancestry:

Name: Walter Saxton

Gender: Male

Birth Date: abt 1887

Age at Enlistment: 28

Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1910

Marriage Place: Brinsworth Nr Rotherham

Residence Place: 2 Mill Lane South Kirby, Nr Wakefield

Document Year: 1915

Regimental Number: 58498

Regiment Name: Royal Garrison Artillery

Number of Images: 17

Form Title: Short Service Attestation

Other Records: Search for 'Walter Saxton' in other WWI collections

Family Members:

Name Relation to Soldier

Walter Saxton Self (Head)

Mary Ann Rollinson Spouse

Burton Saxton Child

Just to say - he wasn't "dismissed" he was "discharged", being "surplus to military requirements (having suffered impairment since entry into service)" - Para 392 (xvia) of Kings Regulations (from SWB record).


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Hi guys

Thank you for your investigations, great job!

Is it possible to find any info on where he went in France, and what happend to him?

Having suffered impairment since entry into service.... What does that mean?

Was he wounded soon after service entry?

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I think "impairment" covers being wounded, being injured (not necessarily in action) and serious illness..

According to his medal roll he was in the 22nd Siege Artillery which first landed in France in October 1915. His Medal Index Card gives his date of entry as 6th November 1915. His service records (tho' difficult to decipher) has further information.

From the Wartime Memories Project:

'The Siege Batteries were deployed behind the front line, tasked with destroying enemy artillery, supply routes, railways and stores. The batteries were equipped with heavy Howitzer guns firing large calibre 4, 6, 8 or 9.2 inch shells in a high trajectory.'

The 22nd was in the 2nd Army Heavy Artillery Group in November 1915 in the Ypres Salient.

Here's an IWM interview with Lieutenant Thomas Henry Wait Armstrong who served in the 22nd. Although he served from 1917 he may give a flavour...


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