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Capt. Duncan Galloway SMITH


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Hi pals

Can anyone help me reconstruct the possible Service details of this Officer, who, according to his MIC, died of wounds on 26 June 1916. :poppy:

Looking at the LLT his Company was part of the Territorial Force and consisted of Head Quarters, No 1 Works Company and No 2 Electric Light Company, and were part of Scottish Coastal Defences. However, his MIC indicates he was posted to France (after 1915) and he is buried in Grave I.B.2. Couin B.C.

Capt. Smith is commemorated on the St Johns Church Memorial window, Buxton (though not on the town Memorial). I have reconstructed his early life, including his Schools, but at the moment can trace no link to the town.

As always any help gratefully received, especially Diary details, etc.




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Maybe his service record here: WO374/63263 for a Captain DG Smith (the only one as far as I can see).

Conflict on death date among various databases. 26.6.1916 shown by CWGC/SDGW and Find-a-Grave. 21.10.1916 in Probate.

CWGC gives unit as 1 Field Company (City of Edinburgh) RE. No Diary seen for that,though there was one for 1/1 City Of Edinburgh FC in Suez theatre from 12/1915 to 4/1916.

COUIN at the time of his death was the burial place for the Field Ambulances of 48 Division,they having begun the cemetery in May 1916.

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On the 26th the company (416th Fd Coy RE, 56th Division) was at work constructing MG emplacements.

Diary states -

'Gommecourt Wood' subject to severe bombardment by heavy artillery fire. Captain D G Smith severely wounded by the enemy shell fire and evacuated to casualty clearing station 'Couin'. Died same day. 1788 Driver Dow, batman, accompanied Capt Smith with baggage, returning to unit with report.'

I hope that helps.

Kind regards


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A couple of articles available on The Scotsman digital archive, but I don't subscribe. One is from 1916 about his death and the 2nd is maybe regarding his daughters or widows marriage in 1926?


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