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Evening all

I am researching my great grand fathers time in the RMF.From the 1911 cenus he is a 24 year old private stationed in Nowshera with 1st batt.

His name is John Murphy from Cork city.

I know he went to war in europe and that he lost hes toes due to trench foot, he did surive the war and lived to the age of 75, but never spoke about the war.

I do not know his army no.So i am trying to find this the past two years and cannot find it.

could anyone please help

Thanks Dave

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Dave, have you tried the WW1 records on Ancestry, which now include medal rolls?

Do you know when he left the Army?

If he was still in the Army after January 1921, so that his service record is still with the Ministry of Defence there is an aid just been recently released which would give his number. But perhaps if he lost toes he was medically discharged prior to January 1921.

A link to the aid is on the FIBIS Fibiwiki page British Army, section "Army personnel serving after January 1921"




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but i dont think he lasted that long because he got trench foot.

Does anyone know if there are records from the Rmf in india around 1911 or burma in 1912

I have him in india through the 1911 cenus

Tks Dave

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Just to give some perspective, there are 29 John Murphy's in the RMF British War and Victory Medal roll - only 1 of these got a Star - a 1914-15 Star for late Nov 1914 arrival to 2nd Bn Western Front. The regimental serial number would therefore be very useful !

If he got discharged during the war, he should be on the Silver War Badge records - will check

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the best fit is Serial no. 9898 discharged for being Medically Unfit 5 May 1916.

BW&VM Roll gives previous unit as 1st RMF 8989 which look like a reversal of the serial number above

SWB badge gives discharge due to Wounds, per 392 (xvi) King's Regulation and an enlistment date of 2 Oct 2012 - as he was in the army in 1911 aged 24, his 7 years may have been up come 2012 and maybe he re-enlisted (I find it odd that he would have got a new serial no. it is more likely to be a typo as a man called Harte had that number in same Bn)

SWB was issued 25 Jan 1917 and was numbered 116119

He is also on the 1914-15 Star roll (under J not John) for 1RMF with Embarkation date 25th April 1915 and so was a survior of the V Beach Landings; otherwise the frostbite was probably from during the storms of November 1915.

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