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German civilians interned in India


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Came across this fascinating website (all in German), a genealogical website basically, with what looks like diary entries detailing the life of the German community (Mostly missionaries it seems) in British India before the war, and, after war broke out; life in the internment-camps in Ahmedagar; a voyage home through Tilbury, in 1916 !, and then onto a Dutch steamer called "Mecklenburgh" in a violent storm; etc.


Might be of interest...

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This is an interesting website JWK. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, it will provide an automatic translation. While the translation is subject to limitations, you can usually follow what is meant.

The website also has some pages in English, but I think these sections relate to German internment in India WW2.

The FIBIS Fibiwiki has a page "POW Camps in India" which also covers internment camps. Quite often the camps contained both civilians and Prisoners of War.




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