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East Yorkshire regiment 11th battalion


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Hi there

I am new to this forum but have been reading with fascination.

I wonder if anyone could give me anymore information on my great great Uncle Walter who was sadly killed in the Great War.

His name was Walter de Preston Parker & was in the 11th battalion of the East Yorkshire Regiment. My Mum seems to think that he was a Bantam.His number was 11/1200 & I know he sadly died from wounds on 02/06/1916. I also know he is buried in Bertrancourt. Anymore info would be greatly appreciated, how & where exactly he was killed!
Thank you so much

Anneli x

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Hekllo and welcome to the forum.

I have moved your topic to the "Soldiers" section as you posted in an area which is for discussion about the design and use of the GWF.

You also made multiple posts - I suspect that your first attempt came at the awkward time when our servers, (which are in the USA), were being backed up, which slows everything down to a crawl, if that speedy. It is a problem that exists for a few minutes in each 24hrs at about that time.

Keith Roberts

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Welcome to the Forum

He was drafted to France on 23 December 1915 and, as you say, died of wounds, although CWGC appears to say killed in action. This makes it difficult to know exactly when he was wounded.

He is buried here, the cemetery being used by Field Ambulances.


The War Diary says very little but may indicate when he was wounded

24th - Proceeded to Colincamps and stayed in billets.

29th - Relieved the 13th East Yorks in the line. Two Sergeants were killed the same night by a High Explosive shell.

Then it goes onto the 3rd June.

If you download the War Diary for a few quid, you can follow his daily movements.

I cannot post the link as the NA are doing maintenance work until 9am !!!!!



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His Medal Index Card shows he went to Egypt 23/12/15 . The battalion were then sent to France March 1916. His MIC also shows Died of Wounds.

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Ah thanks Keith, sorry it's a bit confusing!

Graeme - thanks for the information, to be honest I kinda knew all that but there is some confusion, like you said whether he died of wounds or he was killed in action. Would this information be available in the diary or is there anywhere else I may be able to find this out?
Thanks again

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Upon reading the diaries, it states at midnight on the 3rd June there was heavy fire with 15 casualties but none killed which confirms he was wounded then died later from his wounds!

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