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First time seen photographs! Do you know these named men?


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I have recently been helping a lady finding out about her Father Leicester Cecil Peregrine Scaife and Uncle Jack Agnus Bagnall. Scaife survived although twice wounded, Bagnall was killed on The Somme near High Wood in September 1916 and lies in Adanac Cemetary. Both served in the 4th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. The lady has a wonderful collection of photographs taken by her Father a 2nd Lt and I am posting page one as I have called it, of the collection which at this stage I have photographed due to as you can see its delicate condition. Scaife has written his life story never yet published with an account of his war experiences and he a well educated man writes very eloquently . Scaifes memoirs are interesting too if you are a social historian as his observations about life in the 20s and 30s, the aftermath of war, his views coming from and enjoying himself a privileged position, of the conditions of the working classes, The Depression, his flirtation with The Labour Movement, and peace movement in the 30s. His views are most interesting on the conduct of the war and those of his fellow officers which led him into trouble when he indiscreetly voiced them. Scaife and Bagnall met just before the war and encouraged each other to enlist and thus the 2 family names became joined when scaife married Bagnals sister.

What makes Scaifes pictures so interesting to those seeking ancestors is his listing of the name of each man in each photograph. Does anyone know any of these men or indeed their successors as I should like to be in contact with them?

Leicester Scaife's daughter, a nonagenarian, is anxious that her fathers details be recorded for posterity and she would like to make the photographs available should they assist anyone to trace their families or at perhaps see them for the first time.

I am able should anyone be interested to post more pictures and I hope to prepare a web site with the full story about Leicester Scaife both his war and life experiences. I will subsequently post this web link here. I hope you enjoy these pictures aired for the first time since 1915. Colin

Here is the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxmbKWl-4L9lRzJwUkFkWGxtTzA/view?usp=sharing

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