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A couple of web-sites promoting the book use the same sentence in their promo

quote - “On 6th May 1915, Henry Friston, a 21-year-old sailor, rejoined his battleship, HMS Implacable, after ten days in Hell. Hell was just 180 metres long and seven metres wide and was otherwise known only as "X Beach”"

I wonder if “rejoined his battleship, HMS Implacable, after ten days” is what Captain Hughes C. Lockyer CB. RN., was referring to when he wrote of the Implacable's deserters?

Quote - “After the landing beaches had more or less settled down, it was found that we had four men missing from the beach parties – this was passed along. A few days afterwards a boat came alongside and deposited four men dressed in mixed uniform of Royal Fusiliers and Lancashire Fusiliers. On being brought before me they all had broad grins. On being asked why they had left the beach, the reply was :- 'We couldn't help it, Sir – we had to -' but said one, 'We had a hell of a time -' They had been in the front line for a week!! So all I could do was to congratulate them on being alive.”

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