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Remembered Today:

Colour Sergeant Harry BANKS Liverpool Reg.


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Hi all,

I picked up today some British Victory medals and among of them there was as well a Victory medal named to "8679 C.SJT.H.BANKS L'POOL R"

I got his MIC and it reveals that he was entitled 14 Star trio. Unfortunately no note when he landed in France.

He also served as a CQMS service number 3757334. Also MIC says next to his name BANKS alias SOUTHERN. I am totally confused now how I should research this medal any future, did he received any other awards, etc. Maybe someone can point me back on the right track.

Kind Regards,


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There are three MICs for this soldier,one of the two named to Southern shows the date of landing in France as 12 Aug 1914. Each card shows the trio,but the same refs for all three medals,so no duplications.

1 Battalion KLR. 6 Infantry Brigade of 2 Division. First actions at Mons:


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Copy/paste from other forum:

If he was a Regular soldier then his number of 8679 indicates enlistment in the second half of 1903 (as per Paul Nixon’s book). If he had reached the rank of Colour Sergeant by August 1914 then he was definitely an above average soldier.

What is even more interesting is the number 3757354 next to his rank of CQMS. As far as I’m aware the infantry didn’t use 7-digit regimental numbers in WW1. Therefore it’s quite likely a 1920 Army Number.
On checking block allocations the King’s (Liverpool) Regiment were allocated the block 3757001 to 3846000. Banks/Southern’s number is very low in the regiment’s range which suggests he was serving in August 1920 when the entire Army was renumbered.

On the surface it looks like he enlisted in 1903 as Banks and served continuously until at least August 1920. It also appears that it was only at the time his WW1 medals were issued that his alias came to light. If he got a LSGC it would have been late 1921 or later.

Also he was CQMS on 7th May 1918 based on the daily order below:


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Hi Timo

If she picks up this topic, there is somebody on here called Kathy who is very helpful and has a database of the Liverpool newspapers.

Did you have any luck with the scrapbook.


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Hi Colin,

No luck with the scrapbook unfortunately. Also looks like its hard to find any extra info about him.

Because confusion if his name, probably no point to try to trace him on the census.

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Not been on for a while due to bereavement.

C.S.M Harry Bank (Southern) appears in a Casualty list published 12th September 1916

King's Liverpool Regiment

Company Serjeant Major






SEE: Southern

12th September 1916-Liverpool Courier

The lists were published 4 to 5 weeks after the incident so he was wounded on or about the 5th August 1916.

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