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P 1907 marked HLI D


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Another one for Bayonets R Us! Picked this up last Sunday - like regimental markings! Bit of a puzzle though to add to Trajan's one on his post. HLI.D. Well HLI usually means Highland Light Infantry - what is the D?

I think that this will be an inter-war marking from the 30's. Note the Enfield mark on the scabbard locket, the scabbard being matched to the bayonet.

The bayonet ricasso seems to have been well 'ground' at some point meaning that the maker and date are difficult (impossible) to decipher. I spent an hour trying to deconstruct the marks with partial success - so many interwar reissues. If anyone likes puzzles????









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My only thought would be D for Depot?

I see what you mean about the obverse riccaso looking as though it has been scrubbed off - I wonder why? A fair few of the RAF marked ones are the same.

As for all those 're-issues', well SS likes doing those! But they might be a bit late in date for him...

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Looks like you are spot on Trajan. I see internet references to the Highland Light Infantry Depot at Maryhill Barracks, Glasgow. A recruiting and training depot. Not quite up to a Gallipoli capture, but a nice regiment.



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