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I have recently read the war diary of my Grandfather who was wounded in France in Oct 1918. In it he describes being on a Lewis gun team where 7, 6, 5, and 4 were wounded, and then later in the day 3, 2 and himself were wounded. However, I thought there five men on a Lewis gun team, does anyone know why there may have been seven (or even more), on the team. And if he was number 1, was he the gunner?

Thanks for any help


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By that time in the war, depending on the unit, there may have been two Lewis guns in the section. You have not identified the unit.

According to The Training and Employment of Platoons, 1918 (February 1918) " In every platoon there will be three rifle sections and one Lewis gun section, each having as their minimum strength one N.C.O. and five other ranks, and as their maximum one N.C.O. and nine other ranks."

Yes, No. 1 carries the gun into action.

Chris Henschke

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Hi Chris, I noted your interest in the last 100 days of the war. I note that my recent book "Imperial Germany's Iron Regiment of the First World War" goes into significant detail on the UK's Third Army push through Bapaume (in the Somme) in August 1918. I also believe this to be a fascinating portion of the Great War. In addition, the book also covers the evolving doctrine/tactic from the German soldier's perspective. (Should you be interested, additional information on the book can be found in the book page of the forum.) All the best, John Rieth

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