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John Spencer Hodds, Norfolk Regt, KIA Kut 1916.


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John Spencer Hodds AKA Spencer John Hodds, 1880-1916, resident of Martham, Norfolk.

Served as private 18711 2nd battalion, Norfolk Regiment, 6th Indian Division.

Killed in action 22nd April 1916 at Kut, Mesopotamia.

There is an excellent account of this siege in Petre's "The History of the Norfolk Regiment".

Can any member help me find his original attestation details? Any guidance gratefully received.

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Possibly 26th to 28th January 1915?

William Aldridge, 16893, Attested 27.11.14

Horace Adcock, 17973, Attested 12.1.15

Arthur Brown, 18105, Attested 16.1.15

Moronia George Burton, 18364, Attested 20.1.15

Walter Richard Cook, 18462, Attested 21.1.15

Percy Banyard Cooper, 18464, Attested 21.1.15

George Dixon, 18530, Attested 23.1.15

Herbert James Docking, 18586, Attested 25.1.15

Charles Thomas Ellis, 18693, Attested 26.1.15

James Duffield, 18865, Attested 6.2.15

William Bunn, 18945, Attested 13.2.15

Cyril Colin Barrett, 19592, Attested 10.6.15

Hope that helps,


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Thank you Chris, most helpful.

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