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WWI Letters and Diaries of Two German Brothers


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Please check out my new blog project about 2 brothers from our town in Germany who served in the First World War. I have recently gained access to their diaries and letters and am transcribing and translating them.

The blog is called World War I Letters and Diaries of the Kiefer Brothers, and you can call it up here:


I hope this is of interest.

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it certainly is !

I'll be following your blog with great interest ! What a great initiative, and good luck with all the translating !

After 88 letters from Fritz Limbach I now know that the German and English languages do not always see eye to eye to put it mildly ;)


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Hi Ernie, John Rieth, from Phoenix AZ here. I just checked out your website. What an impressive job, thanks for adding to the German WW I experience in the English language. My grandfather's story was similar to Fritz's, he was a German war vet (from Pforzheim) who immigrated to the US (Rhode Island) in the mid 1920's. Some years ago, I was able to get his journal translated to English, which became the genesis of a book I recently published "Imperial Germany's Iron Regiment of the First World War; War Memories of service with Infantry Regiment 169 1914-1918." (I placed additional information on the book in the book pages of the GW forum.) I intend to create a website and facebook page for the book, and the great work you did with your website has given me some ideas on how to present this. All the best, John

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Hi, thanks, just read the above comments! Thanks for your support.

The site www.thekieferbrothers.blogspot.de has grown a bit since I last posted and I've put up some new photos and diary entries which I found very interesting.

How interesting about your grandfather John. Pforzheim is quite near to Ettlingen, the home of the soldiers recorded in my 2 blogs.

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An interesting blog Erine - many thanks for sharing it.


Thank you Neil. Sorry, just saw this.

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