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How long to the next Poppy Rant


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It crossed my mind that at some time in the not too distant future we could well see another annual poppy rant and so I thought I would start taking bets, virtual of course, don't want to offend anyone, on when the next rant would start. My bet is 21 October 2015 which just happens to be 11 months and 11 days away.

Only one rule applies to those who want to have a bet and that is 'you are not allowed to start a rant'.

The winning entry will win a 'virtual poppy' that can be displayed all year round, made of any material you wish, have a leaf pointing in any direction, or no leaf at all, may be re-sold on any web auction site of your choosing, be free of VAT, and it may be displayed for any length of time the winner desires as long as all who wish to see it may do so as and when they want.

Finally the rules of this contest may be changed at any time as deemed appropriate by the author or the modesty police.


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Magic what a good Idea

my bet would be now let me think 22nd oct 2015, :thumbsup:

I win the prize cos im the only one that's got the bol err nerve to stand up and be counted :w00t:

now I aint going to rant as its nearly chris

you say the rules may be changed at any time so I have the last word I win I would like my virtual poppy to be bling

Biff ppm

this is my last word on the subject until next year

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We could argue about poppy-wearing protocol. If you go to a commemorative event outside official 'Poppy-tide' (late October-early November), is the wearing of an enamel poppy de rigueur or is it still okay to wear a paper or silk RBL poppy?

We could even argue about the wearing of the French Bleuet. Does wearing one signify approval of France's other wars, apart from the two World Wars, which the Bleuet also commemorates?

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