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John Davison / Edmundson - Durham Light Infantry - can you help?


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My great grandfather was born John Edmundson but also used the surname Davison from 1911 onwards.

On the rear of a photograph of him in uniform is the following.: Written in pencil is 36636 and then underneath 6 B G us.

In red writing are the words Beaumont : Saray : Pennywell

Does anyone know what this could be of course it may be totally unconnected to the War but it means nothing to any family members.

Thanks for reading


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Eliminating possibilities:

36636 is the DLI number for a George Dawson

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accepting that I have only had one cup of coffee this morning and that it takes at least 3 before brain is fully engaged I could not -

1. think of an obvious expansion of 6 B.G

2. find your John Edmundson / Davison with a number of 36636

3. find all 3 words Beaumont : Saray : Pennywell in a search.

Can you upload the photograph and then there is a fair chance that somebody will identify the uniform or badge and that could help pin down the unit.


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