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Remembered Today:

My Great Uncle born in the USA died in Gallipoli


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In the 1880's in the village of Preston near Canterbury, many of the Potts family converted to the Mormon faith. My Great Grandparents George and Clara Potts, sailed from Liverpool to New York settling in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1890 their first son George was born.

It must have been very difficult for them as ( for reasons unknown ) they returned to Britain during the 1890's living first in London and then Maidstone Kent. We know that in 1901 ( census data ) that they had settled in Maidstone. Their son George was registered as being born in the USA.

From military records it is believed, that their son George enlisted in Maidstone into the British Army, he would have been seventeen. We know that the family were quite poor and the Army would have meant work with an escape from a tough existence at that time.

George was posted to the 4th Battalion the Worester Regiment and we know from records that he served overseas. He was a professional soldier when the Great War started with the rank of Lance Corporal. His service number was 10605.

The 4th Battalion were shipped to Gallipoli in 1915 and on the 28th of June, George Potts was killed during the attack on Gully Ravine probably by shellfire.

Our family has remained in Kent and we are very proud at this time, to remember George, American born who died serving Great Britain, We also remember his parents Gerge and Clara for their sacrifice and suffering.

Saadly George's name was never recorded on any UK war memorial, probably due to his US nationality however, his name is inscribed into a plaque at Helles in Turkey, One day we hope to see it.

Clive James

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Thanks for sharing Clive.

In my studies on 11Bn AIF I came across one or two Diggers that had come from USA. You might have me scurrying for their files now.

Hope you get to Gallipoli, you will not regret it.



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I have two aussie LH men that shown NOK as USA who died at Anzac;

CARL William 32 Dvr 02 LHR RHQ (G) killed at Quinns Post buried Quinns Post Cemetery Gallipoli brother in US Navy

MOURITZ Leafwin Beresford 17 Sig 02 LHR RHQ att C Sqn? (G) reported MIA 13/14-5-15 + KIA 15-5-15 during raid on Turk trenches at Quinns Post NKG listed on Lone Pine Memorial Gallipoli (Britiah BSA Police & Rhodesian Vols 5 years) AKA Leoffer Beresford Mouritz brother Cedric Capt British Army


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