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2nd cameron highlanders at ypres 10th may 1915

Dave 8686

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My great uncle David Page was killed on the 10th May 1915 at Ypres fighting with the 2nd Cameron Highlanders. His name is on the Menin gate so there is no grave. I wish to visit on the 10 May 2015 and would like to know the location of the 2nd Cameron Highlanders on that date. The best I can find is they were on hill 60 and were moved to the north of the Menin road taking part in the battle at Frezenburg Ridge. They were in the 81st but I have a map from 22nd April saying they were lent to the 5th division at that date at Hill 60. Any help or clues would be appreciated.


David Page

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Hi David,

Welcome to the Forum.

Can't help you with the trenches on and around Hill 60 but for background and details of the 2nd Cameron's on the 10th you may like to read this - Sir John French's Eighth Dispatch from The LLT.

You may gain by accessing the battalion's war diaries here at TNA, downloadable for £3.30 or free to view at Kew, tho' a 2nd Cameron's expert may come up with an extract..


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David. April 4th 1915. Marched via Ypres and Potijze and took over Inverness Copse (Heritage) trench from the French.

April 8th. Relieved by 1st Battalion Royal Scots. To Close support dug-outs. Sanctuary Wood.

April 12th. Took over Inverness Copse from 1st Battalion Royal Scots

April 16th. Relieved by the 1st Battalion Royal Scots. Marched to billets.

April 20th. To the banks of the Yser Canal.

April 21st thru 29th With the 5th Division. Hill 60.

April 30th thru May 4th In Divisional Reserve. Potijze and Zouave Woods.

May 5th thru May 18th. In trenches, Sanctuary Wood and Hooge.

Not much I am afraid. But I hope it is of some help.

Aye Rob.

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Monday 10th May 1915

Night passed quietly away employed strengthing position. Companies in same position as before. A, B, D lene 1 platoon on ..... of Menin Road 1 platoon .... no.9 Platoon C, N of Menin Rd in touch with 4th K.R.R. Heavy bombardment opened up about 7am becoming intense at 10am directed principally at trenches N of Menin Road & Chateau woods. About 10am a number of K.R.R "." Company came back on support trenches, but were checked & moved forward & reoccupied front line again which meanwhile was being enfiladed from left.

Bombardment about 1pm become intense & enemy attacked under cover of gas & shell fire. All troops N of Menin Rd driven back on support (Cavalry line) D Company in spite of their left being exposed hung on very gallantly and defeated all efforts of the Germans to force them from their trench. In spite of heavy losses line maintained till evening. D Coy supported by Company 1/9 Argyll & S H, who lost very heavily in comm trench enfiladed by M. G. About 4pm Col Campbell D.S.O took over a sector of the line & directed Capt D Cameron to take 2nd of the Bn temporarily. Casualties incurred during the day Killed 2nd Lt Caddhead, Wounded 2 Lt Russell "gassed" & Lt K Cameron - about 150 rank & file k .....

(sorry its a poor copy of a copy)

Any other days?


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Thanks a lot for that Stuart. I have ordered the diary as I am now interested in all that went on since the regiment landed in France and went to Belgium. The diary is hard to read in faint pencil so your translation is useful.

Once again Thanks


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