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Church of Ireland Gazette 1914 online


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The RCB Library has released in full the 1914 copies of The Church of Ireland Gazette online as this month’s Archive of the Month –to mark the Decade of Commemorations, and in particular the centenary of the start of the First World War.

By October 1914, the War had been raging for almost two months and the Gazette‘s lead article published on 2 October demonstrated the growing atmosphere of concern about how it was taking its toll, with deaths and injuries already predicted to “stagger humanity”. Noting the impact of “modern weapons and portable entrenching tools”, it went on to describe the Allied advance whilst acknowledging also the heavy death toll and casualties on the German side.

A special column entitled “The War Week by Week” had become a permanent feature of the Gazette from as early into the War as the 21 August 1914, and would continue as a permanent feature until the end – providing weekly graphic detail of the Allied campaign for readers.

Access available this link https://esearch.informa.ie/Exe/ZyNET.exe?ZyAction=ZyActionr&Client=7094_RCB%20Library%20Archive&User=ANONYMOUS&Password=ANONYMOUS

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