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16th Lancers Feb 1915 German mining of trenches details please

Jim Hastings

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Good morning all

I'm looking into a local fallen officer, Terence O'Brien, who served with the 16th Lancers before transferring to the RFC. Reports indicate that when the Germans blew a mine under their trenches in Feb 1915 the casualties were so heavy that he, as a Sec Lt was left Sqn OC and the situation had to be restored by the MGs of the 5th Lancers. Does any forum member have any more details on this incident please, perhaps the war diary entry?

Value any help

With thanks


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by some look was reading about this theis morning for Lt Beech was a polo player.

The two dugouts were 12 to 15 yards apart and when the mine exploded the germans began the attack, to observe Lt Beech raised above the trench and was seen falling face down. They are accounts in the british Roll of HOnour which i picked up in brighton on friday


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Hi Jim,

I have been away for a while, but if you would like further info including photos, maps, current layovers with mine positions and personal please PM me your email address.



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All I have at the moment on this action from 16L is the WD and Regimental history.

If you have any more detail ie, as listed above I would be very grateful for a copy.

Best regards,


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