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Flatt vs Flett


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Here is another one for you great people who helped me with a previous problem. Toby (10 years) and I are researching the war memorials names and this is the final problem (we think). The war memorial says G Flatt and he has a brother Leonard Flatt. I don't get any military results for George but if I search for Flett I seem to get his results. I thought it was a simple typo but now I'm not sure whats happening. I think G Flatt was born 14 December 1891 but G Flett was born 14th December 1892. I attach the CWGC certificates for both brothers or what I think are brothers. There is a private burial monument in Mendham and I attach a drawing of that. That is Flatt and has an inscription for Leonard as well. So far the surname must be Flatt. Now... the CWGC certificate says the father is R and its Robert and they farm in Mendham which is correct but the name on the certificate is Flett!

I attach some Attestation forms as well but for Flett. Also the Grave registration documents shown Flatt but crossed out and replaced with Flett. One has Flatt crossed out and replaced with Flatt

I am just about to rip everything up and start the research again but thought I would throw you a bone...

Any help appreciated.. we are so confused.

Colin & Toby

other pics on reply post





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I think it's got to be the same man but it's not uncommon to come across spelling differences even on records from the same organisation.


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Sometimes you have to go with your instinct. Remember, someone could have misread the original handwriting and this has just been copied by others .

I had a similar thing this evening, A man was named as ANCEL and ANGEL but with the right service number and regiment. So I have to take it as being the same name. As for dates of death different documents show it 10 days apart!

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Could it be that it is the Flatt family but a Norfolk dialect making it sound like Flett?

Not wanting to poke fun, just asking if that is how the differences might have occurred?

He should have signed his Enlistment paper and the signature is clearly Flett, yet on his fathers Census return, his father spells it as Flatt.

like you, I feel the odds are too great for there to be two so similar people, born the same day a year apart.

Never say never, but I'd say they were one and the same.

The family corrected his spelling on the CWGC information back to Flatt, so they thought it was their son!!

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Ah, so it was the family that made those corrections on the CWGC forms? That adds credibility to them being the same name then.

You have picked up on the thing that concerns me and that is that he has signed the forms himself as Flett. Maybe he wasn't that bright? Don't know, just saying. How could that have happened... any experience of that happening before? Could someone else have signed his name for him?!!

Thanks again all.


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