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Guten abend - If anyone has access to, or knows where I can source any detailed German unit War diary and its related published history covering 1914 I would be grateful. I would like to get at least one transcribed in German and translated into English and put it online with the British War Diary (ies) and history(ies) of the British unit(s) opposing them. I would also like to translate the British diaries into German and make them available in parallel. Doppelganger Diaries I think would be an appropriate heading.

Any diary of a unit in any of the major actions, particularly during the static phase of what the British call Ypres 1914 would be of particular interest.

This isn't really a discussion but I would be grateful for any PMs from informed people. It will probably need a live conversation to explain the underlying project.

Vielen dank in vorsprung.


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