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Releasing an employee for Military Service


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Whilst researching the available on line records for someone I knew in my teen and pre-teen days, I found a note from his employer signed by his manager that 'subject to the Military Authorities' accepting the employee 'we release him from his duties at this works'. He was employed as a leather worker producing the transmission belting then used to transmit power to machines in various manufacturing industries.

The note is dated October 1915, was this standard procedure in all types of companies? Or is it possible that this was due to the job being important to the war effort?

He served as a private in the R.A.M.C. in Mesopotania and I recall him talking about the very high temperatures during the day turning into freezing cold nights, also the destructive effect of machine gun fire on the human body.


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At times the recruiting officers were told not to enlist men from important industries so I'd suspect it was the employers confirming they were happy to release him providing it was ok with the military.


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