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Coastal Batteries


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Does anyone have any information, data or photos of the coastal batteries at Hoy and Hoxa, Scapa Flow? My Great Uncle was stationed at HMS 'Cyclops' shore establishment in 1916, which was in fact these two batteries.

Any information gratfeully received.


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Hoxa is on South Ronaldsay on Hoxa Head west of the village of St Margaret Hope.

Hoy is the large island making up the western Atlantic side of Scapa Flow so Hoy battery could have been anywhere on it. The main ones would have been opposite Stromness across Hoy Sound or near Longhope at the south entrance.



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There is a book on the subject: Orkney Coast Batteries 1914 – 1956 by Jeff Dorman.

I was in Orkney a few weeks ago and saw it on sale in at least one shop. It might be worth trying Orkney Tourist Information – they may well have a copy to send by post or be able to provide details of a current stockist.



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