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St.Lukes Church, Deptford - missing roll of honour


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The roll of honour from St.Lukes Church has gone missing and I hope to be able to have a replacement memorial made and installed to remember my great uncle James Mealings and the other men who died.

There is a photo and partial list of men who died at


but there are 47 whose names are missing. I have tried to enhance the photo but the names couldn't be read.

I wonder if anyone has a photo of the roll of honour or a list of the men who died. It was a large memorial which also contained all the names of those who fought but also returned.

What I hope to find is another photo which has a higher resolution so when enlarged will enable all of the names to be read.

I have contacted the church, local council, records office, Lambeth Palace, LMA, English Heritage and British library but there does not appear to be any photos or records.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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If you can get access to Ancestry UK (local Library usually has free access,or they often have a free trial period) you can go to Soldiers Died in the Great War and on the search form just enter Deptford on birth or resident lines and you get a list of soldiers from WW1 who died. Not usually completely correct but will give you an idea.

I also looked on the British Legion site where memorials/names are listed but they didn't have one for St Luke's Church.

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Very stupid question but the Kent Mercury still seems to be going any joy there?

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The memorial does not appear to be listed on the National Inventory of War memorials and I am sure that they would appreciate as much information as possible.

Parish magazines are often a good source of information and your local archives might hold a set if the church itself does not. They take time to work through, but can be rewarding. I would also suggest that it can pay to go through the various catalogues/indexes etc of the local archives/record office yourself - sometimes the items that will help are not always obvious on a quick search.


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