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Mixed box of badges and items


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Hi everyone.

Today I came across a box of mixed items. Seems that it was from someone's collection, I doubt if it belonged to the same man.

I have yet to look any of these items up in my usual feeble way of describing the item as best I can to google search and hopping to get a hit. I had such good luck with this community regarding my 1907 bayonet that I decided to see what ideas you folks might have about these items. Any help would be great!

The ring says Sterling on the backside and that vice chairman pin appears to be Oddfellows or something? I just took a picture of almost all that was in this keepsake box.


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Royal Canadian Air Force cap badge and air force eagle - don't know if RAF or RCAF.

The black button with the strung hunting horn is a rifles button, but not the common one. It's Victorian post 1881 when the regimental numbers between the strings were dropped (though the Rifle Brigade retained 'RB' on theirs). The mid-Victorian buttons also had a laurel wreath between the hunting horn and the rim.

Also a fusilier regiment collar badge, date and precise regiment uncertain - probably RF, but I'm expert in neither fusiliers nor collar dogs!

The Chi Rho is a standard Christian religious symbol, that I'm sure you're familiar with.

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I can't find anything about the two lions and crown badge.

Thanks for the input. Sorry that none of it turned up ww1.

Interesting about that button, thanks for the info, I was told the ring was specifically ww1 and that the collection used to have a Prussian belt buckle that said "God with us" when translated.

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The ring seems to be an 8-point Maltese Cross. (See the St John Ambulance badge) but not necessarily anything to do with the St John Ambulance organisation.

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