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I finally read this book a month ago, as a 'rest' from more serious stuff. I enjoyed it immensely. I would love to think that John had been found and his resting place marked but the Holts have given me much pause for thought. I think that, at the moment, I shall settle for a Scottish verdict of not proven. People urging a DNA test, should perhaps look into what this would entail and consider the practicalities of the operation. There is also an element of intrusion here. Is an outsider in any position to urge this procedure on the surviving relatives?

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Are there indeed Any surviving relatives ?,either in England,or the USA,where Kiplings Wife originates from ?

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Hi All, :)

The DNA path will never/ nor never should be taken, as it would open a whole can of worms !

As for the guilt that Rudyard felt, he had no reason to although he did, as John was desperate to go and fight and so his father pulled the necessary strings !!

There is no doubt that he did feel tremendous guilt and this tortured him for the rest of his life. This drove him to write these well known lines :-

If any question why we died

Tell them because our fathers died



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Exactly as Daggers Says.In Burwash Kipling was making a Recruitment speech outside the Bear Public House,and was encouraging the Villagers to send their Sons to the War when a member of the Crowd,called back to Him "Why Dont You Send Yours"..and as Dagger rightly says,Kipling Wangled His Son A Commission.The Rest is History.

Fair enuf. I thought you meant guilt for something else :blink:

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