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Bernafay Wood British Cemetery - Montauban-de-Picardie

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Greetings Oliv62

On 21st September this area was hit with a storm dumping 55mls of rain in 40 minutes. There was a surge of silt and water rushed down the uphill gully and hit the hedge, damaging it, going over the top and depositing a fair bit of silt onto the beautiful grass :(:( We were in Albert at the time and it was a Hong Kong type deluge!!! Have taken photos and will post when get home. I wished I could take the silt home to Australia for MY farm :):).

Last time we were at Bernafay a few years ago a truck or car had come off the road and knocked over the wall to the left of the front gate. CWGC have replaced the wall with an uninspiring mesh type.

In three visits to Bernafay only once has it been 'pristine' ...lovely photos by you Oliv.

Regards Philip C

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