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National Day of Prayer and Intercession 3 January 1915

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I have come across various mentions of this day probably most particularly in Scottish kirk session records

Were there other national days of intercession throughout the war? One per year perhaps?

I got a particular bonus as a result of the Day on 3 January 1915. The minister of Stracathro read out a list at the service of the men from and associated with the parish who were serving including units and where in the parish they came from. The incredibly far sighted session clerk wrote it into the kirk session records.


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Certainly 1915 and 1916 on the first Sunday of the year. I'm not sure about 1917 and after - in the first two years there was a lot of associated bellringing (halfmuffled) in remembrance of those killed which was widely reported in the The Ringing World (and possible local press too). I've not picked up any such reports in 1917 (or at least there wasn't any which also involved ringers who were serving in the forces), and I've not yet got as far as 1918 in looking through the wartime issues.

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Thank you for the reply. I had seen mentions in kirk session minutes before but they were very brief and I had not taken much notice of them.


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