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Does anyone have any photo's of the battlefield of Bullecourt? In particular views taken from the British lines looking over to the site of the German positions. I need these for a talk I have to give and would give due recognition to the supplier of the photographs.

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And as a P.S,Robert,thanks for posting the photos.

My Great-grandads,MGC Company,was at Bullecourt,and i have been to the area.

Lovely countryside,now.

All the best.


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Do you know exactly where that last shot was taken? Is that the sunken road on the right of the picture from which the Aussies launched their attack?



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Yes, I think so Mat. It really shows what a difficult task it was. Virtually featureless terrain with the right flank enfiladed by the Germans (not seen in the photograph).


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Have a look at the Australian War Memorial website and do a search in the Collections Database.



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Hi Robert,

Interesting photographs.

My grandfather was wounded at Bullencourt on 29 August 1918 while fighting with 1/13th London Regiment.

Do you know when these photographs were taken where they 1917 or 1918?

Can you let me know.



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