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Guest robin miller

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Guest robin miller

I asked about some uniform a soldier was wearing ie he had a pith helmet.

In the replys somebody mentioned Mesopotamia for my embarassment I've never heard of this place or battle????

also the person said that 4th Royal Sussex were there??

can any body give me information to this place or battle or any web sites i can look at to futher my knowledge to this place or battle??????

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robin...get ahold of A.J. Barker's book, the name of it here in the states is "The B------d War" but it is name differs in GB. ( it is called the ........? War) It is an oldie but goody, published in '67. Your local library should have a copy.



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in GB. ( it is called the ........? War) It is an oldie but goody, published in '67.

This will be "The Neglected War Mesopotamia 1914-1918" by A.J. Barker published by Faber and Faber.

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Hi Robin,

I remember your previous post regarding the pith helmet and pouches. I believe we suggested Mesopotamia may have been a theatre for the Sussex given the dress and equipment you described , however this was not taken up by more informed "Chums". and it was only one of several likely theatres.

So if we look at various battalions of the Suffolks we can see several opportunities for wearing a pith helmet.


Just incase the Chums missed the previous post , it is here.


The othe rpoint was that we are assuming the two photographs are of the same man in the same regiment although it certainly seemed likely.


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Mesopotamia is basically the Middle East excluding Egypt up to Turkey and as far east as Iran. Iraq is in the middle!!



Oh my, I've never seen it quite defined like that before! I think if you told a gentleman from Syria or Lebanon he was from Mesopotamia he might guffaw a bit. :D

It's the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers--thus the Greek name mesos (middle) + potamos (river).

In basic terms it's contained in what is now modern Iraq.


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